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If you have followed the ABC dating TV franchise over the years, then you know that one of Jojo Fletcher’s castoffs of The Bachelorette 2016 will receive his own spinoff and a second shot at love on Season 21 of The Bachelor, which will kick off in January 2017.

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers are rolling in, and word on the internet is that the next Bachelor to follow in Ben Higgins’ footsteps will be either Luke Pell or Chase Mc Nary as both are eliminated.

It is rare for ABC to not choose the 3rd or 4th place contestant, and let’s be honest, out of Jojo Fletcher’s guys – it’s slim picking.

Although, we would definitely tune in if the producers chose Chad Johnson, however they probably wouldn’t be able to pay girls enough to date him on national television.

According to Hollywood Take, Fletcher breaks up with Robby Hayes on the finale because she thinks he may not be over his ex-girlfriend.

Who is The Bachelor 2017 spoilers are already rolling in, and Jojo Fletcher hasn’t even given out her final rose yet!

Far more commonly, a fourth-place finisher gets the look. The incredibly hunky Luke, who is not only easy on the eyes, but also a little older at 31, boasts that charming Texas accent, and is a war veteran (a platoon leader, to be exact! Add in the fact he can sing, and we’re already filling out our applications!

The double date also featured plenty of cheerful toasts to each couple’s future.

We’re sure he’s a great guy, but he isn’t exactly oozing ratings appeal.

Luke Pell on the other hand seems to have girls who watch The Bachelorette 2016 in a frenzy, and he’s just the right mixture of romantic and mysterious.

That’s what we’re really looking forward to.”The former pro quarterback, 27, proposed to the 25-year-old real estate developer during The Bachelorette’s romantic season finale on August 1.

Well, let’s be real: One of the 20 guys left standing at the end of the first episode rose ceremony, since the first eliminees are hardly memorable enough to get the producer nod for 2017’s Season 21.

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