Recent developments in self validating seva sensors

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Dr Henry won the IEE Control Division’s Achievement Medal in 1999 for his Coriolis work, while the UTC won the 2007 IET/NPL Measurement Prize for Coriolis metering developments.

His current focus is on three-phase flow, particularly for the oil and gas industry.

Manus Henry is Director of the Invensys University Technology Centre for Advanced Instrumentation at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, where he has been a researcher since 1987.

The devices could then “talk” and automatically make an emergency call to a specified healthcare provider.Mobile applications have become a must in every user’s smart device, and many of these applications make use of the device sensors’ to achieve its goal.Nevertheless, it remains fairly unknown to the user to which extent the data the applications use can be relied upon and, therefore, to which extent the output of a given application is trustworthy or not.Shifts in the behavior of patients and healthcare professionals and emerging technologies are changing the relationship life sciences companies have with their traditional customers and creating new opportunities for collaboration.Life sciences companies face unprecedented challenges as revenues come under pressure as a consequence of pricing pressures caused by healthcare reforms and austerity measures, increased competition, and challenges in bringing new drugs and other products to market.

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