Planetside 2 character stats not updating

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Moments ago, your scope was littered with targets, but now many have retreated within the safety of their walls.

Even with your active camouflage, a sniper rifle isn't much good when you're moving onto the front lines, so you refit yourself with a jetpack and scale the wall yourself clearing a path straight through to the enemy control console with your trusty carbine and guard it with your life.

If you're too foolish to understand that everything is better with lasers and a sleek purple exterior--that is, to fight for the alien technology-wielding VS--your choices are limited to the blocky hand-me-down bulk of the Smurf-colored NC or the "everything is round so it spins to waste ammo faster" TR Elmos.

The DCUO Stats Revamp is an ambitious rework of all the numbers in the game and a long-needed update to gameplay in terms of balance, combat, and progression.

Victory over your enemies will require teamwork and a quick trigger finger!

You peer through the scope of your bolt-action sniper rifle toward the enemy facility ahead.

The team is looking into character portability which would mean that as "a PC character, you could transfer it to Play Station 4, and then back.

The character format's the same on both, it's just purely a matter of the server updates." That would be greatly appreciated given the time-sink nature of these free-to-play games.

"Because of the update cadence, and the additional steps you have to go through to be able to release an update on the Play Station network, we're not going to be able to keep our servers in sync, so you won't be able to just play with the same people," Higby told Eurogamer."They might be a week behind in terms of patching, or a day behind or whatever it ends up being, and we can't really have that." According to Higby, the company is looking into "character portability" for the game, which launched Windows PC last November and scheduled for Play Station 4 later this year.If implemented, players can transfer a Windows PC character to the Play Station 4, and vice versa.Sony explains lack of Planetside 2 PC and PS4 cross-plat Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. Disclosure: I backed Double Fine Adventure and Awesomenauts: Starstorm on Kickst...more Please report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community team.

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