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As much as I like forums, face to face is a great excuse to get out of the office, at least:slight_smile: Maybe Eventbrite's can do one @nick_lawson (I am sorry if you do and I do not know about it ) I am using Linked In at the moment to target industry segments in particular geographic areas (for event marketing).

On both Linked In and Twitter, the jury is still out on how effective these platforms are for converting B2B prospects.

The best of those comes right behind Mingle: Jaumo, the "flirt messenger" out of Germany, with a 72.0.

When you look at the big-name dating apps—those that have 10,000 or more reviews between the two stores—things only go downhill.

I get messages all the time that just say "Hi" or "Hello" or "Hey sexy". I get messages all the time that just say "Hi" or "Hello" or "Hey sexy". I'd be willing to bet that if a smokin hot guy with a great profile sent you a message saying just "hello"...

It was created in Southern Germany in 2011 and boasts over 20 million worldwide users, though admittedly it’s more popular outside the United States.

Jaumo is free to use, though its “red carpet version” is available to users as well.

Making all pictures private might help reduce some of the lazy messages, but it probably won't get rid of them entirely. Saves a fella from alot of unnecessary typing on some one who ain't interested..

When you pull up to a fast-food drive through, do you expect steak tartare and oysters in a half shell?

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