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He was a Rwandan immigration officer, he explained, there to help smooth their arrival. They paused briefly at the luggage carousel to scoop up their bags.

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But when officials there summoned him to a detention facility for asylum-seekers, he had distributed much of what he owned among his friends, unsure if he would ever return. The group exited the airport into the humid Rwandan night and crowded into a waiting pickup. The small convoy wound its way through lush, hilly Kigali, past the fenced campus of the regional polytechnic, and into a quiet neighborhood several miles south of the airport.

They came to a stop in front of a house the color of a pistachio nut, its second story ringed with white-trimmed porches.

Hamas is now to resorting to “honeypots.” The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has discovered Hamas has been using internet “honeypots” to lure in its soldiers and hack them.

According to The Jerusalem Post, dozens of IDF soldiers’ identities were compromised after downloading apps from unknown links, which lead to Hamas accessing sensitive army information and intelligence.

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