Adult dating explicit pictures

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With the pair both threatening legal action against each other and not being on talking terms, some throwback pictures of Chyna, born Angela White, have popped up.In one picture posted on Twitter by a fan, a young Chyna smiles innocently in a store dressed in what looks like a uniform, fresh faced, miles away from her more recent looks.

The media has widely covered a new sexual behavior that has evolved with the proliferation of the Internet and cell phones: sexting.TOLEDO, Ohio (CBS/AP) Imagine thinking you've made a romantic connection through a dating service.Now imagine you let that person convince you to send them intimate pictures of you from your cell phone, only to get a threatening message in return claiming you sent those pictures to a minor and telling you they were going to file criminal charges if you didn't pay them off.Well that's exactly what investigators say Kevin Zunk and Tonya Blaze, both of Toledo, Ohio, did to at least seven people across the country, extorting over ,000 from them.According to an affidavit filed in federal court Wednesday, Zunk and Blaze would contact their victims through the dating service, giving them a phone number to send messages to.

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